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Membership Cycle: March - February

Membership with Desert Doves is strongly encouraged as it is used to cover the administration costs of the organization as well as for our group donations to the Peace Corps Partnership Projects (PCPP) around the world.  For less than $2/month, your membership dues contribute to sustaining the organization and supporting PCVs.

Thanks to membership dues paid by committed members over the years, the Desert Doves have been able to successfully coordinate multiple membership meetings, social networking gatherings, local community service events, and fund-raising events which have afforded thousands of dollars to PCV projects.  

Pay Your Dues 
There are several ways you can pay your dues by:
  • PayPal: Click one of the secure links provided below.
  • Venmo: Pay @j_trejo
  • Mail your check:
    Make your check payable to 'Desert Doves,' include your name, email address, country and years of PCV service and mail to the following address:
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Southern Arizona - Desert Doves
P.O. Box 41621  
Tucson, AZ 85717
  • Attend a bi-monthly meeting & potluck:
    Checks, cash, debit card and credit card are accepted forms of payment. 
When you pay, please complete the Membership Form below so we can update our membership database.

Desert Doves Membership

Become a New Desert Doves Member  
Annual Dues for new members are prorated from the month they become a member until our membership drive in March of each year.  Use the Pay Pal buttons below to select the month you first became a Desert Doves member and pay the prorated amount. 


Renew Your Desert Doves  Membership 
Annual Dues for current Doves who need to renew their Membership is $15.  Please use the PayPal button below to renew your Desert Doves' membership.