Past Meetings

March Meeting, 3/14

The first ever virtual Desert Doves meeting was a success! Thank you to everyone that was able to make it online, we appreciate your flexibility. Please reach out if you have any questions and stay healthy Doves!

Meeting Minutes

Zoom Virtual Meeting 11 participants.

Janet made a motion to approve minutes. Dexter seconds motion. Approved.

Officer Reports-

President: Dear Colleague Letter to Kirsten Sinema to provide robust funding for Peace Corps. To be

posted to FB/Website. Emails with personal PC stories to Aides. 4 th Ave. Street Fair cancelled. Can we

recoup the fundraising loss by other means? Would some people be willing to donate the wages they

would have earned working at the Street Fair ($36)? To be discussed at the next meeting. Arizona Gives

Day April 7.

Treasurer: Michelle unable to attend. No update. Dues Drive. Pay your dues. Pay pal button on Website

doesn’t work. Other issues with the website.

Social Chair: Tara unable to attend. Doves Dine in February at the Box Yard. Lower than usual turnout. 8-

9 people total. Good for a rainy day. Upcoming Doves Dine is on April 18 at La Cocina possible

Percentage night. To be determined based on current events and if social distancing is still in effect.

Possibility of a Picnic meeting at a park- something to think about at the next meeting.

Meet up- we could put the Desert Doves meetings, potluck and doves dine on meet up to bring in more


Communications: Callie- New Website draft. Would love feedback from Doves about the website.

Publishing could be done within the next few weeks. Possible tech session to teach people how to use

Instagram in attempt to better integrate the different social medias. Member of the month spotlight on

the website. We will send an email out once website is published for feedback.

PC Fellows update: Georgia Poster Session event. 130-140 people attended to see presentations. Would

like to better communicate the poster session next year to the doves to get them involved. End of the

year event on May 1 st . Looks like it will be virtual unless things change. 103 applications for next year.

Offers being sent out.

New Business:

PCPPP Project selections:

Board recommendation to spend 2,000 instead of what was earned from the Street Fair approximately


Janet Motions to spend $2,000. Dexter seconds motion. Motion passes with no opposition.

Motion to spend all $2,000 on the Madagascar Rainwater harvesting AZ Volunteer

Robyn Seconds motion. Motion passes with no opposition.

Other New Business- None

Community Announcements: Maya- Social Justice Symposium on April 3 rd to be held digitally.