About Us

Who We Are

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Southern Arizona, also known locally as the “Desert Doves,” are based in Tucson with membership open to individuals throughout Southern Arizona. Our mission is to continue to work for world peace, understanding and well-being, with an emphasis on bringing the world back home.

The Desert Doves' purpose is multi-fold and includes three goals:

  1. Provide a social network for RPCVs

  • To facilitate this goal, the Doves have get-togethers every month. We alternate between potluck business/social meetings and international-themed dinners. In addition, the group’s leadership team compiles a newsletter that is e-mailed to members via our group email list (rpcvtucson@gmail.com).

  • Officer reports and local member announcements are made at the open business/socials meetings.

  • During the “off” months, members meet at local restaurants for a social meal.

  1. Engage members in community service activities

  • To reach the second goal, the Doves often partner with the University of Arizona’s Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows to engage in multiple community service events throughout the year, such as packing food boxes at the Community Food Bank, working in community gardens, and desert trash pick-up with Humane Borders.

  • The Doves are particularly active during Peace Corps Week (each Spring), with the annual “Tucson and the World” Peace Corps Fair and other happenings.

  1. Provide financial support to Peace Corps partnership projects abroad

  • To raise funds for our contributions to partnership projects abroad (our final goal), Doves continue a longtime tradition of working at Tucson’s spring and winter Fourth Avenue Merchants Association Street Fairs. The fair features arts and crafts vendors from around the region. Volunteers work courtesy carts that deliver water and treats to the vendors.

  • We raise additional funds throughout the year through national and local membership dues and by selling Peace Corps calendars.

  • Twice a year at the potluck business/social meetings, members vote on which Peace Corps Partnership projects to support with partial or full funding.

National Peace Corps Association

Desert Doves, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Southern Arizona is a member organization of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA).