Latrine Construction in Dissin , Burkina Faso- Update

Hey - we have now reached our goal of $1280 some dollars for construction

of the latrine project. I am finishing my time here in the USA and I will

be back in BF on the 15th and back in Dissin on the 16th or 17th. This is

now the rainy and I am hoping that our already dug hole ( see picture- I

think I needed to turn it sideways - sorry)- I thank all of you for

donating to the project and construction should be underway b4 the endof

July and be finished by the end of August or the beginning of September-

school start Oct 1 so that should be great- thanks again and I will be

sending updates and pictures in the near future- Matt Courtney

Well the latrines got finished yesterday and they actually look quite good- we saved some money on the doors and the tubes for ventilation by getting them at another hardware store so we have about 80 dollars extra and so I am in Bobo the second city of Burkina Faso looking for a handwashing station to put outside the latrines- it is basically a barrel which cab be filled with water with a spiget (faucet) down below and I will look for a little sink which will tube down into a bucket- most of this I can get in Dissin but the I will look and see what I can get here and compare prices and materials- I will send some last pictures a little later- thanks all of the donors for your support- we could not have done it without you- feel free to ask questions as I am sure that I could be giving more details on this project- The main mason really has done a nice job- he built a schoolroom for the school a few years back and did a good job- h