Hammermill Update

To all of those that contributed to project,

I want to first THANK YOU from my community and myself for providing the opportunity to bring this project to our village. As stated in the grant, this whole project was created by and applied for by my community members. My only role in this has been helping create a budget, typing up and submitting the grant, and co-facilitating business skills classes. You really are contributing to a one-of-a-kind community. I am positive this program will benefit our area for many many years to come. So again, I really can't thank you enough. YOU are making this happen!

We are currently in the building phase of the project, making the housing structure for the hammer mill. My photos are unfortunately not attaching at the moment (village internet not the best), but I'll hopefully have some to you in a few days. I just wanted to update everyone that we have started the first steps of this project and thank you for your contribution.

Let me know if you'd like any other details regarding the project. Very much looking forward to sending more updates and photos!

Katherine M.

Peace Corps Zambia//Community Health Volunteer

(Note from Katherine: The house is the housing for the actual hammer mill. It is two rooms, one small office for book keeping and one to keep the actual mill in. Money, supplies and the mill will all be able to be kept safe in that house.)