Primary School Latrines, Lesotho - Update

To the RPCVs of Southern Arizona,

We at St. Francis Primary School in Lesotho would like to extend our greatest gratitude for your donation to our project of Latrines! We have successfully finished construction of the latrines and Tippy Taps. We arranged for facilitators from Baylor Clinic and the District Health Management Team to come out to St. Francis Primary to hold a Sanitation Workshop (for details on this workshop, please see attached file of the workshop schedule).

We are trying to make a web page in which we will load all of the pictures taken throughout the entire project process. We were able to use a modem on a laptop to create the page but internet connection is brutally slow in our village-it took us one hour to create the page and two additional hours to upload only six pictures. Therefore, we will wait until we can receive a faster connection in the camp town to upload the remaining pictures. Until then, we would like to share the final work with you so we have attached a few pictures of the completed latrines.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping to make this project possible!


Janelle Leza

Peace Corps Volunteer, Lesotho