Maternity Ward Update


Dear Desert Doves RPCV's of Southern Arizona,

I am writing to say a very grateful thank you for donating towards my Peace Corps maternity project! Because of you and many others, I currently have in my possession almost 2 MILLION dollars...well, CFA (west african francs)...about $4,000! Just enough to build a sustainable maternity ward at my village's Health Post, and provide a much needed service to hundreds of women in the area. I was thrilled to have raised all the money in less than 2 months, meaning that this very Thursday my work partner and I are going to buy building materials to start the building process!

I am very excited to finally start this project that I came into my village a year and half ago knowing was a need and great potential work project for my time here. I feel strongly about the importance of maternal health and education as a path towards a better quality of life for Senegal, and I imagine I will leave my time here feeling accomplished even if this were all that I had done. We are also on our way to structuring and implementing a sustainable nutrition program for mothers and their children.

Thank you again for your donation, my village and I are immensely appreciative of everyone that helped us reach this long held goal. I hope to have completed the building within the next two months (God willing), and will make sure to write up a report, with pictures, to be posted on the Peace Corps Senegal website.

Ajaraama no feewi, as we say in Pulaar. Thank you very much!!


Environmental/Health Education

Peace Corps Senegal, 2010-2012