Your thoughts

Thank you to all who completed our 2019 Member Survey!

Survey Summary

Thanks to everyone who participated in our pilot of the online PCPP Poll! Here is a summary of the comments:

· There was a strong positive response to the online polling process. Based on the comments, Doves like being able to see all of the information as they vote, and found the method to be convenient and efficient.

· A few constructive comments:

o Have fewer choices: we probably won't include the general funds in future voting, we just wanted to provide the options here!

o Need more time to complete: when we are voting for projects, we will provide at least a week to vote on the choices. This was done quickly because of extenuating circumstances.

· Some Doves mentioned that they like the interaction in the meeting and seemed to want an opportunity to ask questions. We can see if there is a virtual way to have some questions and answers (keeping in mind that we don't have any extra information about the projects beyond what is written in the proposal).

Feedback is still welcome about the polling process! You can see the process we used and submit more feedback here: